About EPNC


The first Symposium on Electromagnetic Phenomena in Nonlinear Circuits (EPNC) took place in Poznań, Poland in November of 1972. Professor Mirosław Dąbrowski from the Institute of Industrial Electrical Engineering (Poznań University of Technology) was its initiator. The first 11 conferences were local events. Nevertheless, speakers from other countries also took part. The last 9 conferences were international. The proceedings were published in English. The EPNC'98 was for the first time held outside Poland - in Liege, Belgium.

The previous Symposiums

¨ EPNC 1998, Liege, BELGIUM

¨ EPNC 2000, Kraków, POLAND

¨ EPNC 2002, Leuven, BELGIUM

¨ EPNC 2004, Poznań, POLAND

¨ EPNC 2006, Maribor, SLOVENIA

¨ EPNC 2008, Lille, FRANCE


The aim of the EPNC 2010 is to present the recent advances  the analysis and synthesis on nonlinear electric and magnetic circuits and nonlinear optics as well as to provide the forum for discussion on applications of nonlinear phenomena in electrical engineering.